"SharePoint has allowed us to streamline internal processes and greatly improve the way we manage a wide range of policy and reference material. United Infotech were ideal Sharepoint partners for us on the project"

SharePoint is a very powerful and flexible platform used to build and manage intranets, extranets and external websites, line-of-business applications and collaboration system. It can be configured to provide your organisation with document management, workflow and a range of automated tasks that can ease and improve your internal business flow and processes. SharePoint is rapidly becoming THE standard for collaboration, intranet and business portal solutions, and is one of the fastest adopted technologies of all time.

SharePoint can provide:-

  • An effective, expandable intranet or extranet
  • An external, content managed (CMS) external website or sites
  • A document management and tracking system
  • A process, collaboration and workflow system
  • An integrated communications system
  • A rapid and feature rich development environment

As SharePoint partners, our expert consultants manage the development, configuration, & customisation of your SharePoint solution to meet your exact specifications and requirements.

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The open source path can be a delightful and cost-effective way to go for a web-based project. However, if you don't understand the primary dos and don'ts of open source, a "free" open source website can quickly become a costly and difficult bear to manage.



Databases also allow you to set up rules that ensure that data remains consistent when you add, update, or delete data. Imagine that your imaginary car sales company has two salespeople named e.g. Julie Smith. You can set up a database to ensure that each salesperson has a unique ID, called a unique identifier (so that the Julies don’t get mixed up); otherwise, telling who sold which cars would prove impossible.