Properietory CMS

The Proprietary systems are loaded with full features and usually have excellent customer and technical support. These systems contain very large organization with departments that require unique functionality. Proprietary CMS is more reliable then open source and it provides professional support.

Open Source
Open Source solution contains the code, which has already been written, by the open community .Open source are freely available for general public use people can also modify it as per as their need.

Advantages of Proprietary CMS;

  • Proprietary CMS are reliable than Open source CMS. Because the code is not publically viewable.
  • With Proprietary CMS you can get Professional support and training is also available.
  • You can probably have the third party company offering the CMS setup your website, no need to go searching for talent else where.
  • Proprietary CMS is easy to update and you can also maintain regularity through Proprietary CMS.

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