Custom Software Solution

Providing innovative solutions is an art. Solving the day-to-day challenges of web application development, needs hands-on experience. Delivering extremely productive, reliable and scalable web applications on time requires aptitude and commitment. And we offer you hassle-free web development services for your most important business applications. In our cookhouse we have a wonderful menu and we are sure there is something for everyone.

United Infotech offers a wide range of corporate IT project services. We have outstanding experience in custom database development, desktop and distributed application design as well as various custom software components and internet-project programming.

As a provider of technology solutions, we work to ensure complete satisfaction of our clients in terms of transforming their vision into software solutions that are scalable and flexible. Key to all that we do - from full scale software implementation to product development - is to put our clients’ interest front and center! We understand our clients’ needs and offer them relevant solutions that work. With over many customers currently, which include some of the biggest financial brands in India and across the globe, we have been successful in changing the client’s outlook towards software solutions providers by completely entrusting and relying on them for all solutions requirements.

Our custom software solution not only limited to execution of certain task, but we also suggest our clients on various approaches towards monetizing their application on global platform

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Mobile Application Development

United Infotech has developed platform agnostic framework and custom platforms for rapid application development for the mobile phones which include remote data synchronization, telephony and messaging based mobile application as well as video content delivery of the mobile applications.